IIT Publications List

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Application of Working Memory Adapted Navigation for Human Robot Interaction in an Industrial Context
7th HBP Student Conference on Interdisciplinary Brain Research
Nair V., Hemeren P., Vignolo A., Noceti N., Nicora E., Sciutti A., Rea F., Billing E., Bhatt M., Odone F., Sandini G.
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Social Influence Under Uncertainty in Interaction with Peers, Robots and Computers
International Journal of Social Robotics
Mongile S., Pusceddu G., Cocchella F., Belgiovine G., Lastrico L., Tanevska A., Rea F., Sciutti A.
What if a social robot excluded you? Using a conversational game to study social exclusion in teen-robot mixed groups
ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction
De Carolis B.N., Gena C., Lieto A., Rossi S., Sciutti A.
3rd Workshop on Adapted intEraction with SociAl Robots
UMAP2022 - Adjunct Proceedings of the 30th ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, pp. 120-122
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Across the Universe: Biasing Facial Representations Toward Non-Universal Emotions With the Face-STN
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Affect Recognition in Hand-Object Interaction Using Object-Sensed Tactile and Kinematic Data
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A Hermeneutical Approach to Provide Robots with Socially Adaptive Perception
Robophilosophy 2022: Social Robots in Social Institutions - University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, vol. 366, pp. 344-352