Industrial projects

The iCub project runs several commercial projects including but not limited to, iCubs realization for third parties, customization of existing robots or subparts (e.g. the iCub hands), maintenance of the available iCubs, sales of electronic components, of mechanical parts and in general anthropomorphic robotic solutions. As an example, in the recent times we customized the iCub sensorized skin to at least four different platforms (e.g. Nao, the Barrett WAM, a 6-dof Schunk manipulator), we reallized several robot for various partner institutes as well as ran feasibility studies of the application of humanoid (or quasi-humanoid) robots in different fields.

The Facility team covers the fully development cycle of robotic products starting from the mechanical design, electronic development, integration, software programming and customization and application development. We collaborate with companies either to develop specific projects or to guarantee industry-grade engineering at all levels. We have a fully equipped machine shop at IIT, assembly and wiring skills, testing & validation of components and full systems up to the application level.

The following pictures show a few examples of the recently completed projects.

aila resized
graspForce resized
Head cad resized

The iCub hands and forearms were fitted to the AILA robot at DFKI.

Example of the iCub skin of the Barrett arm showing the cover with the flexible PCB installed.

The customization of the iCub skin to the Barrett arm (WAM). The two-part skin totals about 1500 sensing elements.

A new iCub with additional facial expressions for increased interaction capabilities.

Sales information:

The iCub Facility can provide various technologies related to the iCub and more in general humanoid robotics.

For more information please see our product pages or contact Giorgio Metta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..