Joint laboratories

Joint Lab List


Created in 2017 for enabling IIT’s robots to work smoothly in everyday scenarios in various domains like medical/hospital helper, shopping mall or airport information provider and home assistant.

Camozzi Group

The Camozzi Group is a market leader in the production of components for industrial automation, particularly the pneumatics automation with applications in the life science, health and the textile industry. The joint lab activities focus on automation and new materials.

Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus

The IIT – Fondazione Don Gnocchi's joint laboratory aim to design, develop, analyze and validate advanced robotics technology in the clinics to support patients’ rehabilitation and care.

Danieli Automation SpA

IIT – Danieli Automation's joint lab focuses on the development of flexible robotic systems and automated solutions in the field of steel processing. We aim to increase safety for workers in dangerous industrial environments.