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Giorgio Metta at the AI*IA 2016 Conference

A talk by Giorgio Metta at the AI*IA 2016 Conference in Genoa. A relatively approachable talk of some recent work on machine learning and AI for the iCub and R1 robots.

Giorgio Metta at TEDx Vilnius

Robot-aesthetics, robots and design, inspiration for robotics, copying nature and several other aspects of our work in only 18 minutes. Giorgio speaking at TEDx Vilnius.

Giorgio Metta at TEDx Bergamo (in Italian)

The personal humanoid R1 and a number of application scenarios discussed by Giorgio at this TEDx talk in Bergamo (Italy). Check it out!

Giorgio Metta at Lezioni sul Progresso in Rome (in Italian)

Talking about future, robots, iCub, bioinspired solutions, all with Elio (Elio e le storie tese). Funny funny funny. Enjoy!