Movie stars

The iCub starred in a few full-length movies together with its crew, follow the links below to learn more!

Plug and Pray

Computer experts around the world, like Raymond Kurzweil and Hiroshi Ishiguro, strive towards the development of intelligent robots. Will man and machine merge as a single unity? Rejecting evolution's biological shackles dangles the promise of eternal life for those bold enough to seize it. But Joseph Weizenbaum,a pioneer of the computer age, counter attacks against society's limitless faith in the redemptive powers of technology. Filmed in the U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Italy.

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In safe hands: my robot helper

Using the latest generation of humanoid robots, scientists and researchers from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (UK) and its partner institutions across Europe (including IIT) are developing systems to enable robots and humans to work, for the first time, alongside each other in the real world. They talk, they walk, they even understand some spoken instructions. But until now they've largely been confined to the lab. This film is the culmination of 4 years of research and technology from five robotic institutes.


The TV series is half fictional, half documentary and thus contrasts science fiction ideas with reality. It was broadcast in Germany on different TV channels (arte, BR, MDR).

Hi, Ai

In Tokyo, Grandma Sakurai is introduced to the cute robot Pepper, a present from her son, so she has someone to keep her company. But soon Pepper turns out to be quite capricious, finding the old lady’s conversation topics of little interest.
While Harmony and Chuck are searching for love, and Pepper and Grandma are killing time, pressing questions arise: How will robots and artificial intelligence change our lives? What will we win, what will we lose? And, who will be the main protagonists of the future world? The documentary shows us tomorrow’s world today.